Smoking Bong

How to smoke from a bong?

The base is filled with liquid. For the best result, water should be used, because a lot of liquids absorb some of the active ingredients, but other liquids will do the job as well. The substance that will be smoked is packed into the bowl and ignited. It is easier to fire it using lighter, though matches would work too. Now you have to place your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale. This process is known as “taking a hit”. If you are using a large bong or you don’t have enough lung capacity your first hit will not contain smoke. By doing so you are drawing the fresh air out of the chamber. If a smaller bong is used all the smoke might be inhaled with the first hit.

Dark Leaf – Beaker Base 4-arm Tree Perc Ice Bong – Dome Splashguard – Green

From its 5.0mm-thick green glass receptacle base to its agreeable mouthpiece improved with bubbly clear glass bongs on the barrel just underneath it, this percolator cool bongs from Black Leaf is stacked with incredible highlights! Simply over the base of the measuring utensil sits the 4-arm tree perc with openings in each arm for additional dispersion or more that is a vault splashguard finished with beautiful inversion outline. A green glass bowl with roll stopper is incorporated and in addition, an 18.8mm > 18.8mm opening gap diffuser connector downstem is incorporated. This bong has ice scores and a carb gap, with an elastic carb-plug included. The Black Leaf logo is highlighted on each piece.